Ewoks eventsΒΆ

Events can be emitted by ewoks during the execution of a workflow to notify about progress and potential errors. For this you can specify one or more destinations where the events should be send to.

To specify event handlers from python:

from ewoks import execute_graph

execinfo = {
    "job_id": "1234",
    "handlers": [
            "class": "ewokscore.events.handlers.Sqlite3EwoksEventHandler",
            "arguments": [{"name": "uri",
                           "value": "file:/tmp/ewoks_event.db"}],
results = execute_graph("/path/to/file.json", execinfo=execinfo)

To specify event handlers from the command line:

ewoks execute /path/to/file.json -j 1234 --sqlite3 /shared/path/test.db